Please join us for Festive Fizz and Canapes and an evening of celebrations, inspirations, connections and conversations on 2nd December:


Ahead of the Christmas festivities getting into full swing, please join us on Friday 2nd December for what promises to be an evening of celebrations. We are also delighted to announce that we have two exceptional and truly motivational guest speakers who will be sharing their inspiring stories of success with us.

Fiona Lugiano – Deputy CEO, Ascentis

Fiona shares her story of determination and enthusiasm as she takes us through her journey of career success. From her starting blocks working for colleges and university institutions through to her current position as Deputy CEO at Ascentis (an education qualification awarding organisation that as a charity, enables learners to achieve their lifelong aspirations to climb the qualification ladder – please visit www.ascentis.co.uk).

Fiona is a judge and chair for Red Rose Business Awards, a participant on the topical panel debate of business leaders at the Red Rose Hot 100 event and a regular contributor to business issues in the Lancashire Business Review magazine. Fiona’s story will both inspire and resonate with us all.

Alex Staniforth – Endurance adventurer, motivational speaker and award-winning author and ambassador – “The biggest obstacle – will always be ourselves.”

It has been said; “you probably haven’t heard a speaker quite like this…”

Aged 21, Alex is no stranger to adversity; suffering epilepsy, stammering, mental health problems, bullying and low self-confidence in early life. As an endurance adventurer, his second attempt to Climb Mount Everest in 2015 ended in disaster after narrowly escaping an avalanche in the Khumbu Icefall triggered by the Nepal earthquake, which tragically killed three of his teammates at base camp. But success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom. His debut autobiography “Icefall”, endorsed by Bear Grylls, recently won a bronze medal at the Readers Favorite International Book Contest. Having just returned from the Himalayas reaching over 7,000 metres altitude, Alex will bring the experiences and lessons to the room; inspiring you to achieve your own ‘Everest In Life’!

We look forward to welcoming you at our event – please let us know if you can join us as the venue is restricted to a limited capacity…


DATE: 2nd December 2016

TIME: 4.30pm – 7.30pm

VENUE: The Royal Exchange Theatre, St. Ann’s Square, Manchester M2 7DH

RSVP: By Monday 21st November. Please confirm by emailing Kirstie Weatherley HERE

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