Oakridge’s GMCC Open Programmes in 2018 …


Oakridge is delighted to team up with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) to provide high-quality training courses through its Chamber Train initiative to support its aim to broaden the range of skills service available to Chamber Members and the wider business community.

GMCC partnered with Oakridge because of our excellence as a training provider in developing and facilitating high quality, short, sharp and practical masterclasses, designed to improve the performance of individuals and performance in the workplace. Additionally, GMCC wanted to ensure the professional training courses they provide cover four key business objectives:
1. Increase profile, grow sales.
2. Improve team performance.
3. Improve business processes to get more for less.
4. Compliance: reducing risk.

With this in mind, we’ve designed two high-impact programmes which we will be facilitating:

Networking with Confidence and Purpose – half-day: 4th May and 19th September 2018
To build your career in the contemporary world of work you need to sharpen your professional image, network effectively and form relationships in which you can have real impact. This high-energy half day workshop guides you through a series of exercises and insights that will help you build and drive your networking activities to ensure future success. It will give you the confidence to become more assertive, to take decisive action, to build and use your network, and to start having a real impact on work.
For more information and to book to reserve your place please follow this link: https://www.chambertrain.co.uk/course/networking-with-confidence/

Key Skills for new managers – full-day: 7th June 2018 and 7th November 2018
Managers are the most critical resource in any organisation, yet are often ill-prepared for the challenge they face. This action-packed, one-day programme provides a very practical and solid set of foundation skills for the new manager, whilst building both confidence and competence. This programme also provides practical guidance and rehearsal of key management activities around objective setting, giving feedback and inspiring others, as well as a personal survival kit to build resilience.
For more information and to book to reserve your place please follow this link: https://www.chambertrain.co.uk/course/key-skills-for-new-managers/

Should you require additional information, please contact our Business Support Manager, Natalie Griffiths via email: natalie.griffiths@oakridgecentre.co.uk or the GMCC direct: professionalservices@gmchamber.co.uk

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