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A recent Harvard Business Review report – Do Women’s Networking Events move the needle on equality?, surveyed 2600 women and as part of the study, they focussed on two outcomes:
1. Financial outcomes (pay raises and promotions)
2. Intellectual outcomes (increased optimism, lower stress levels and a feeling of connection)

The results of the survey were quite astounding:

  • For the women who’d signed up for the conference but had yet to attend, 18% received a promotion compared with 42% of women who had already attended
  • 5% received a pay increase of more than 10% – compared with 15% who had attended the conference
  • 78% reported feeling ‘more optimistic’ about the future after attending

Taking time out of our busy work and personal lives for personal and professional development needs to be worth it. That valuable time needs to justify the hundreds of emails accrued in our inboxes during a day at an event, workshop or conference.

This research shows just how much of an impact attending a worthwhile professional development programme can be.

Have you heard about STRIDEour leadership programme for female middle managers?

We have been running STRIDE  for the past five years. Hundreds of women have been through the six-month programme aimed at supporting the female middle management pipeline.

We hear from these women that:
  • I am braver and stronger as a result of attending STRIDE
  • It has given me the belief that I can drive things forward with confidence
  • It has made such a difference to how I look at things
  • My confidence is the biggest difference
  • The programme has given me a sense of direction and a lot of confidence
  • It is reassuring to know we all have the same experiences and challenges
  • STRIDE gave me the unique opportunity to stop, think and prioritise
  • I actually surprised myself; the way in which I was supported to really challenge my thinking and my awareness of others has completely shifted some negative paradigms

Attending an external programme gives several benefits:

  1. Provides a safe working environment in which to challenge your thinking

  2. Presents an opportunity to hear how others have faced similar challenges and know everyone experiences similar issues

  3. Allows the time to realistically assess current challenges and build a positive outlook for the future

  4. Identifies role models, mentors, and a support network

  5. Creates a social platform and allows you to build connections with people you may never have met.

If you would like to know more about STRIDE and the benefits it brings, please contact me, Deborah, on the connections below. We do still have a few places remaining on our September cohort – please see below link to information about this cohort 13.

Best wishes,

Tel: 07974 694959

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