Advanced Management Skills

Continuous Learning for Successful Managers

This programme is aimed at managers who have +2-3 years experience. It enables managers to drive impactful motivation through the business by growing their teams, leading and managing effectively and applying flexible coaching approaches in order to:

• Develop and motivate new managers reporting to them

• Balance the increasing business and commercial expectation of a growing business with the need to keep their teams motivated, focused and effective

Organisational Value

  • Increase managers ability to self-assess against those key emotionally intelligent factors including: Impulse Control, Reality Testing, Flexibility, Co-Problem Solving, Empathy, Optimism and Stress Tolerance
  • Enable managers to move from possibilities and outcomes through reality test into options and action.
  • Provide managers with the skills to balance the commercial focus with the motivation of their teams.
  • Improve managers listening skills and their ability to recognise different language patterns in others
  • Ensure managers are up to date with the latest management techniques to lead their teams and meet their organisational objectives while remaining resilient.

Personal Value

  • Learn how to to create time to listen to your managers and team members. Develop the skills of slowing down and hitting the ‘pause’ button
  • Identify personal Non-Negotiables (Commercial, Quality or Safety linked) and personal Room for Intent and Action in others areas. Discover when you really need to show your full thinking and what are the advantages around motivation when you hold your cards close to your chest.
  • Receive an introduction to ‘walk and talk’ coaching with 5 minutes on them, 5 minutes on the support you give and 5 minutes on the business
  • Learn the 5 Factors of Dysfunctional teams and apply this as a climate check on current situations

Advanced Management Skills - Performance Reviews

The Oakridge Centre has seen significant changes in the demand for Performance Management training – clients are much more inclined to want us to train and support their managers, via our Advanced Mangement Skills programme, around engagement and motivation. We have been delivering services to a range of clients across a variety of sectors around topics that include how to improve your performance conversations and practical coaching tools and techniques.

We have also seen an increase in demand for our Engaging Conversations programmes and the requirement for practical techniques and strategies to drive up engagement for example the 10/10/10 approach or feedforward techniques rather than feedback. In each and every case our primary purpose is to enable managers to develop their own advanced management skills and understanding as to how to motivate and encourage the performance of colleagues in their teams as well as encouraging the necessary mind set and attitudinal shifts.

We have to consider the changing requirements of managers and whether they are sufficiently skilled or experienced to lead colleagues in a different way? Managers will need to shift away from the annual performance evaluations toward a process of continuous coaching and improvement. The days when managers, including those with advanced management skills, could lead from a position of command and control are over. In today’s high-performing teams, employees must take ownership of their performance and act on their own to improve their capabilities. Managers become coaches, rather than evaluators.

A successful shift to leading-edge performance management—replacing annual ranking and yanking with continuous feedback, coaching, and development—begins with a frank determination of whether rigid performance evaluation systems are advancing a company’s business priorities. If not, as many organisations increasingly recognize, it is time to take action.