Career and Transition Anchors Coaching

Career and Transition Anchors for Individuals

Career and Transition coaching sessions are confidential one to one interventions with an external and unbiased career expert

All individuals affected by changing circumstances in the workplace will benefit from these coaching sessions. Indidivuals who are changing roles, starting new jobs or looking to chance career plus those facing redundancy or retirement will all find these coaching sessions invaluable.

Organisational Value

  • Support individuals who are facing changes within their career; help them to explore options and make decisions
  • Help individuals to take stock of the situation and access the impacts on them.
  • If individuals are retiring or facing redundancy providing Career and Transition coaching will help maintain their positive approach to your organisation

Personal Value

  • A safe space to take stock of the current situation and what impact it may have on you both professionally and personally
  • Explore & expand some of your own perceptions about the current situation
  • Raise your personal awareness and develop an approach which will give you more choice and control over your next steps
  • Consider and explore options or choices which may be available to you
  • Discuss a range of professional tools or thinking which help you understand your career drivers and satisfiers in order to make decisions about how you wish to move ahead in the change.
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Food for Thought

As you review the biographies of potential The Oakridge Centre coaches to support you during your Career and Transition Coaching here are some additional outcomes you wil gain from working with a The Oakridge Centre coach:

+ Raise your awareness of how careers/career paths are changing in today’s work environments

+ Some practical application of tools and techniques in relation to career planning and development

+ Identify factors which have contributed to date to your career successes and understand how these can be used for future career success

+ Identify factors (conscious and unconscious) that drive your career decisions (link back to any pscychometric evaluations taken)

+ Identify what factors are important in defining career goals and options

+ Identify some career goals, options and milestones and understand what success will look like for you

+ Understand how to develop resilience and focus in the face of obstacles and set backs.