Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi)- Reports, Webinar and Feedback

Increasingly managers and leaders have come to recognise the importance of understanding and developing their own Emotional Intelligence as they assume key roles in their organisation.

Organisations who recognise the importance of and invest in the development of emotional intelligence will have the opportunity to join a 30-minute webinar, followed by administration of the Bar-On EQi assessement and a one-hour feedback session. This will raise their awareness and provide a useful profile for further development.

Organisational Value

  • Attendees will gain raised awareness of the importance of emotional intelligence on leadership and management behaviour, as well as customer relationships
  • All who attend will be able to better understand human emotions and the business value of emotional intelligence
  • Leaders and managers will understand the impact of emotional intelligence on their leadership / management behaviour
  • All attendees will receive one to one feedback on their EQI report and constructive suggestions for further improvement

Personal Value

  • Clear understanding of emotional intelligence and its impact on organisational performance
  • Recognition of the role of emotional intelligence on effective leadership and engagement of others
  • Personal EQi with full report, identifying strengths and development areas
  • In-depth feedback with constructive suggestions for further development
  • Detailed personal profile and top tips for further development

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Capability

Please find below a table outlining the corellation between emotional intelligence capabilities and leadership traits and behaviours.

EQi Competencies


Leadership Trait



* Know their weaknesses and strengths as well as how their behaviour affects others

* Identifies and uses strengths in others


Leadership Trait


Comfortable with ambiguity


* Stay calm in the midst of turmoil and confusion

* Can operate in environments of uncertainty where there are few guideposts.

* Articulates what is happening to self and to others


Leadership Trait



* Maintains a positive, focused attitude in pursuing a goal, despite obstacles

* Makes activity purposeful and meaningful


Leadership Trait



* Recognises and responds to the needs, concerns and goals of others.

Social Skill

Leadership Trait


Politically astute


* Know how to interject humour when the situation warrants it

* Maintains a sense of perspective

* Have a strong sense of their organisation’s power structure, and know where to turn for the support and resources they need