Authentic and Emotional Leadership

Training Authentic Leaders for a Changeable Future

This workshop is derived from our Emotional Leadership Development Programme which is designed to help identify and support authentic leadership in a changeable present and an uncertain future.

It draws together the latest research and strategies from the fields of Leadership, Organisational Psychology, Positive Psychology, Communication and Social Dynamics to deliver an effective evidence-based programme.

The course is delivered by Hugo Metcalfe, Oakridge Senior Consultant. Hugo is a Culture Change Specialist with over 18 years’ experience in the Mental Health, Leadership and Personal Development space. An experienced Psychologist, Therapist and Trainer, Hugo has designed and delivered evidence-based training programs and workshops to meet unique organisational needs across the globe. Recently this included a systematic review of the current literature concerning the construct and trainability of ‘Leadership’ for Royal Military Academy Sandhurst’s Leadership Development Program as well as delivering Mental Health training and culture change programs to public and private sector organisation across the UK.

The Oakridge Centre's bespoke change management programmes are designed to share understanding of change and the impact it has on organisations and individuals, whilst providing a clear plan for taking change forward.

Programme Aims

  • DEVELOP: a psychologically informed and integrative leadership approach, incorporating self-awareness, emotional intelligence and reflective practice.
  • IDENTIFY: a person-centred approach and embed the core competencies of Transpersonal & Emotional Leadership into practice.
  • DEFINE: the leadership skills, behaviours and practices required to support lasting organisational commitment, motivation, and productivity within teams.
  • DISTINGUISH: the necessary evidence-based skills to lead from a psychologically informed position, facilitate systematic leadership and lead and manage resilient teams.

Core Training Modules

  • Transpersonal Leadership
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • Communicating from Authenticity
  • Organisational Commitment
  • Psychological Contracts
  • Self-awareness & Self Regulation
  • Reflective Practice
  • Systematic Leadership
  • Values-based Leadership

Without a strategy, change is merely substitution and not evolution."

Glenn Lopis