Experienced Leaders

Drive Improvement and Change

The Oakridge Centre's tailor-made Experienced Leaders training programmes are aimed at more experienced leaders and managers who have a responsibility for driving improvement and change in the business.

These programmes take a more facilitated and coached approach in order to enable the setting of longer term goals for improving the effectiveness of the business and for attendees to identify their own development journey as a senior leader of their organisation.

Experienced leaders, no matter the length and depth of their career, deserve to be invested in just as much as the new starters in an organisation. The chance to review their objectives, their skills and their abilities while working with colleagues makes experienced leader training crucial for your senior leadership team.

Organisational Value

  • Senior leaders able to develop their future manifesto and define their part within the organisation
  • Analysis of blockers to the senior leaders manifesto maps
  • Clear understanding of the leadership styles of your senior leadership team and how this can help them focus on bigger areas
  • Investigate how the values and beliefs of your senior leadership team align with organisational values
  • Attendees will develop Action Learning Group for peer to peer coaching and will commit to 1:1 sessions with their team members

Personal Value

  • Overview of your organisation/business and where your part of the organisation fits in – sharing our learning and experience. Overview outputs from SWOT and/or PESTLE
  • Future Manifesto – in pairs developing a view of our own areas in the future and the Long-Term must wins that we need
  • How you will lead this – Your Style and approach, linking to the David Marquet clip. What does this mean for you in practice and how will it help you to focus on the bigger areas?
  • What you are here to achieve – Exercise identifying how your own Values and Beliefs drive how you see yourself as a leader and the skills that you develop. Which beliefs help and which beliefs are self-limiting
  • T-Careers and the threat of balancing technical with general skills – Mapping out your career lifeline from start to now…and to the next five years
  • Getting ready to address blockers – Emotional intelligence and the ability to pause and think. Impact of Impulse Control, Reality Testing, Problem Solving and Empathy