For Individuals

Recognising strengths and continuous learning are exceptionally powerful actions that individuals can take to benefit themselves in both their professional and personal lives. Coaching can have an impact on your way of thinking (cognitive reframing) and more specifically on your subsequent behaviour.

For 25 years The Oakridge Centre has provided individualised training and coaching services to individuals from across a wide range of industry sectors and at varying career stages. Everything The Oakridge Centre provides is tailormade for the individual and with a highly experienced team of Associates there is always a great 'chemistry' fit to be found.

"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities."

Bob Nardelli

The Oakridge Centre team are not interested in cosy chats and bland feedback. The only justification for coaching is if it really makes a difference to performance, whether at the CEO, the Senior Manager, or the line-manager level. Real behavioural change comes as a result of challenging coaching which questions assumptions, supports strengths and inspires innovation.

Oakridge see it as an adventure to push boundaries and challenge assumptions to keep the constant focus on performance.

Coaching must have an impact in ways that can be measured by a visible improvement in personal and organisational performance. It has to pay its way in organisations since it can be disruptive and costly unless carefully planned and evaluated.

The Oakridge Centre Coaching Model

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Performance coaching for visible improvement and measurable impact

Programmes and Coaching for Individuals


My Oakridge coach had an inclusive, positive focused style of coaching which allowed me to explore some challenging situations in a supportive one-to-one environment. Working with her provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with some aspects of my leadership style that I was not making the most of and to come away from our time spent together, feeling more energised and future focused, ready to take on more challenging opportunities – which I subsequently have been able to do.

Head of Digital Learning, Nottingham Trent University

Oakridge’s professional coaching knowledge is extensive, and they were thoroughly prepared always with the resources they share for the duration of our coaching journey. The exercises I had with Oakridge’s coach prepared me to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn about myself. As a result of the great coaching, I took control of my development, was more empowered to network with purpose and I was able to articulate my passion to others.

Global Technical Manager, AstraZeneca

I have found Oakridge to have the highest standards of personal integrity, professionalism, and expertise in creating the right climate for people development to be really effective. Oakridge is also highly personable; this helps in building a strong relationship quickly, and in turn, that helps the coach to better get to the core of the issues and context of those she is working with.

Human Resources Director, Unilever

I would recommend Oakridge very strongly in particular to anyone looking for excellent 1:1 coaching. Oakridge’s coach is an excellent personal coach and consultant on management practice. Having worked with large and small organisations at senior managerial and board level, she has a broad perspective of business practice, implementing change and approaches to personal development that I have found invaluable.

Vice President, AstraZeneca