For Leaders

Leadership is a responsibility and the skills of a good leader are sometimes taken for granted. Leaders set the direction of their organisation and make the crucial decisions that need to be made.

Sometimes leaders can 'get into the weeds' where they become so involved in the 'doing' of the business when their attention should be on the strategy and direction of the organisation.

Now is the time for modern leaders to shape up, sharpen up, engage with their organisations and with their clients in a way which really makes a difference. In tough times - it is Leadership which really must lead the way.

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a leader".

John Quincy Adams

The Oakridge Centre's programmes are designed to enable leaders to become more self-aware, certainly, but also to be aware of the impact they have on others and how that impact may release talent and create value. We ask leaders to look again at their strengths to ensure they are using them to the full; equally we enable them to address some of the areas where they are far less effective. Our approach to leadership is certainly to encourage, but also to challenge.

Our programmes, cover the whole range of leadership activity but with a particular emphasis on Transformational Leadership, Engagement, and Emotional Intelligence. We provide our own thought leadership in these fields as well as teaming up with international experts to bring to our programmes a depth of knowledge and gritty practical experience.

Please find below brief outlines of the various leadership support programmes available to you remembering that everything The Oakridge Centre offers is bespoke to your requirements

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Bespoke leadership development programmes aligned to your organisational needs

Example Programmes and Services for Leaders