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Effective and cohesive teams are made up of team members with unique talents and strengths who work together to achieve agreed upon objectives. No matter how long teams have been formed there are often areas in which they can improve and recognise the contribution of each team member.

Change can place additional pressures on teams as each individual within a team will manage change differently. Defining roles, defining and designing processes, ensuring effective communications and prioritisation of activities are areas in which teams can benefit from external support.

“The greatest danger a team faces isn’t that it won’t become successful, but that it will, and then cease to improve.”

Mark Sanborn

Large teams, small teams, high functioning teams, under performing teams - The Oakridge Centre has worked with and helped all kinds of teams over the past 25 years. All organisations are different and so are the teams within them. This is why every training programme designed by The Oakridge Centre is tailor-made to individual organisations and the individual needs of different teams.

The programmes and services The Oakridge Centre bring to teams include all aspects of team work including breaking down silos in the workplace, concentrating on what matters, operating effectively as a remote or hybrid team and rationalising team activities. Please review examples of these programmes, which are all tailor-made to your organisation, below.

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Unique team effectiveness programmes to take teams to the next level

Example Programmes and Services For Teams