Front Line Managers

Managing People and Processes

This highly participative and practical programme is designed around the core generic competencies for Front Line Managers. It will enable participants to manage both people and process issues capably and confidently and provide an opportunity to work together on significant business challenges whilst providing a practical toolkit for all Front-Line Managers

Our Front Line Managers programmes, as with all of The Oakridge Centre's programmes, are tailor-made for your needs. Previously this programme has been run over a three– six month period during which participants complete 8 days of Workshops, have three individual coaching sessions, one psychometrics feedback session and complete a series of work-based assignments including a major project working with three other participants on the programme.

Organisational Value

  • Line managers who are focused on the strategic and operational imperatives of your organisations and have a deeper understanding of the whole picture
  • Line managers who have the confidence and clarity to manage their performance and the performance of others
  • Line managers with the ability to influence others, without formal authority, and who can work across disciplines
  • Gain insight into the personal leadership styles of your line managers
  • Line managers who, through the Collaborative Project, can directly contribute to managing significant workplace challenges and demonstrate their management capability to solve problems.

Personal Value

  • Obtain insights into your personal management style
  • Gain positive change management skills
  • Benefit from a workshop and one to one coaching regarding The Business of Good Management: People Management & Performance
  • Benefit from a workshop and one to one coaching regarding Strategy, Culture and Change: Influencing and Negotiating Skills
  • Benefit from a workshop and one to one coaching regarding Stakeholders and Customers: Project Presentations
  • Additional learning: emotional intelligence, working in a VUCA world, influencing styles, team types, change readiness and develop a personal competence map.

5 Top Tips for Leading a New Team

1 - Provide Clarity of Purpose

Where do we want to go?

What makes this compelling?

2- Develop Trust

Get to know each other

What makes each of us tick?

What do we value about being a team?

Appreciate individual and team strengths

3 - Get Momentum

Establish a timeline of key milestones

Fully commit to 3 must wins for next 3-6 months

4 - Establish How to Work Together

Explore and sign on to leader / team expectations of each other

Identify and commit to productive ways of working

5 - Improve Together

Continually challenge the process

Give and receive feedback regularly