Helen Hughes

Helen Hughes


0161 327 2031

Helen is a highly experienced culturally aware training and development professional , passionate about change management, organisation design and leadership development at all levels. Helen is a skilled executive coach with a flair for creating opportunities for success.

Helen possess the traits and ethics to practice and offer learning techniques to the highest standard. Having implemented whole learning programmes, (learning culture) plus coaching and mentoring programmes (coaching culture) in organisations, bothin the UK and globally Helen has a proven track record, reputation and many success stories.
Helen's favourite quote....

"Life can pass you by without you noticing, so notice everything and live each day to the full."

Helen has worked in over 10 different organisations in different industries, has experienced many individual learning and growth opportunities and with her varied background in learning and development interventions she applys coaching within the context of the organisation.

Helen's style is relaxed and fun, experiential with the theoretical aspects– participation and emersion in learning is always her ethos.