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We are delivering a FREE 2-Hour Mental Health session at two locations – Manchester City Centre on 16th May 2019 and 17th May at Knutsford, Cheshire

This session is aimed at those who have an interest in mental health at work and would like a broader understanding of how we can effectively offer support to individuals whilst balancing the needs of the business.

The 2-Hour session will cover:

Discussion and definitions of mental health.

Not everyone understands how to respond to those experiencing mental ill health and employee problems can be made worse by the stigma and discrimination they experience at work. We will consider the views we hold about mental health and how the language we use may be viewed as dismissive, offensive or hurtful.

We will look at the role and responsibilities of the employer, the manager and the individual in managing mental health. We discuss how employers can offer support, the duty of care and how to recognise when professional help is needed. We will also highlight reasonable expectations that we can have from an individual experiencing mental ill health.

Workplace scenario, group discussions and tutor led feedback.

The legal and practical aspects of managing mental health in the workplace are important to consider. We will discuss the implications of The Equality Act 2010, reasonable adjustments (how far do you have to go?), bullying & harassment and discrimination.

The Thursday 16th May session is in the Connect room at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce on Deansgate (M3 3WD). Coffee available from 9.30am, session start at 10.00am and concluding at 12.00pm.

The Friday 17th May session at Knutsford, Cheshire is at the Cottons Hotel:
Coffee will be available from 9.30am, session start at 10.00am and concluding at 12.00pm.

Both sessions will be taken by MHFA registered and senior Oakridge consultant Lisa Ellis.

You can download our Mental Health Taster Session leaflet HERE

PLEASE NOTE: SPECIAL OFFER!: For all in-house Mental Health programmes booked by 31st May 2019 we would like to offer a 15% discount to those who attend either Taster session.

To reserve your place on either of our Mental Health Taster sessions, please email our Business Support Manager, Natalie Griffiths.

If you are not able to join us at a Taster session this week but are interested in the Mental Health programmes, discounts are still available. Please contact our Business Relationship Manager, by email Kirstie Weatherley, or call her on 07432 464642.

Open programme courses are available starting in June: 1-day Mental Health Awareness programme (5th June 2019) and the 2-day Mental Health First Aid programme (17th, 24th July 2019). Additional Open programme dates will be published in the coming weeks.

For more information about how Oakridge can support your organisation, including the workshops we offer you can view our information on our Mental Health page here.

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