Jity Bajaj

Jity Bajaj


0161 327 2031

Jity has many years of experience in Equality, Diversity & inclusion discourse and training. Her focus is to change and improve interactions between individuals, teams and organisations in order to achieve their goals. Working on how to develop a strategic and operational approach to the changing stance on equality, diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. Jity helps identify and implement effective solutions to organisations and organisation-related diversity issues.

Developing strong cohesive relationships, Jity works with managers helping them to consider the integration of diversity and its value into everyday management practice, with staff, clients, colleagues and key stakeholders.

Jity's favourite quote....

"If you build it, (he) they will come"

Ray Leotta, Field of Dreams.

Experienced in Unconscious (implicit) Bias Training, encouraging organisations to Communicate effectively across differences, reflect values to stakeholders and customers, maintain a dynamic business edge, become an inclusive employer and to recognise the moral and ethical imperative of diversity in practice.

Championing Respect and Dignity in the workplace, she explores in detail the definition of bullying and harassment and the meaning/value of respect and dignity in organisations; examining the 5 steps to challenge to discrimination and considers the impact of harassment for the individual, team, department and organisational reputation.