WEBINAR: Leverage your Leadership Skills and #PressForProgress

#IWD2018 Leadership Webinar

Join our free one-hour leadership webinar, in partnership with the IOD, on the 5th March at 12 noon, and find out how to leverage your distinction as a leader. How to become memorable, consider your impact and presence – and understand the skills that will help you to get to the next stage of your leadership journey. The leadership webinar is delivered by Brigit Egan, Oakridge Director, with Claire Ebrey from the IOD providing an introduction to the #PressForProgress campaign.

Change is afoot, it’s inevitable. So we need to shake up our business and processes, in order to bring about the transformational change that is going to make a difference.

But what does this mean?
As a business leader during these uncertain changing times, we all require steadfast resilience in order to bring about the necessary transformational change that is needed – to drive our business growth and to contribute towards a stronger, growing economy overall.

Innovation, fresh ideas, new approaches, identifying what is needed – what’s worked and what has not – will help map the course your business needs to take in order for it to remain sustainable during change. Identifying what will help your business to grow is imperative.

New skillsets, mindsets and visualsets are required in order to reinvigorate your business in 2018 and to reinvigorate the individual people and teams that make your business success happen.

Leaders that strive to be significant seek to create the greatest impact and influence.

Research shows that the leaders we value the most are the ones that inspire with courage and resilience. Leaders that are self-aware, clear about their identity and expectations, have the backing of others and can be trusted – are the ones we seek to role-model and instinctively gravitate towards. These are the leaders that are rare to find and will not be forgotten by their colleagues and the organisations they serve. These are the leaders that can get the most out of very little, are grateful for the opportunity to lead, and always treat others like family.

This year we have partnered once again with the IOD to deliver another leadership development programme. (This follows on from our Leadership Forum event in October 2017 which was also in joint collaboration with the IoD, if you missed that – please follow this link to view our video summary of the fantastic insights that was shared on the day!).

By providing this leadership webinar in collaboration with the IOD, we hope to continue to support our clients, members and followers, by providing valuable guidance to help leverage their leadership skills in order to #PressForProgress – for themselves, their careers and the business and teams they lead.

So please register for our 2018 Leadership Skills – #PressForProgress webinar
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