The Oakridge Leadership Forum: 11th October 2017  


An opportunity to develop the leader you always wanted to be

A full day event for business professionals

We are delighted to announce our one day conference which will provide a stimulating environment for leaders at all levels to gather together and learn from inspirational leaders, workshop facilitators and from each other the key tools, tips, techniques and insights to help improve your leadership skills.

You will learn how to lead with purpose and increase your effectiveness in leading during challenging times.

Purposeful Leadership creates a powerful momentum towards a positive future…purpose is what defines us, drives us and empowers us. You will hear from Inspirational Speakers who will share their personal purposeful leadership stories.

You will hear from award winning Leaders from various fields, providing a richness of perspectives and experiences, you will learn from leaders who you may not have known because you were unfamiliar with their work. The day will provide you with an opportunity to recharge and be creative. For one day, you can plug-in, focus on you – your impact, obstacles and growth opportunities. You will not be lectured to – you will have an immersive experience that will keep you engaged by a multi-sensory, active learning approach.

This conference will also be relevant to you even though you may not currently lead a team or a project – in today’s work environment – each and every one of us will need to demonstrate our leadership skills in our day to day environment. You will learn concrete examples of leadership at all levels in creating innovation, exerting influence, future proofing your skills to ensure future effectiveness and the key principles and tools for improving human performance.

Take advantage of a unique opportunity for informal learning, sharing, and co-coaching from the best leadership experts. Ask questions, discuss, exchange experience, build relationships, get inspired and improve leadership for your community, your organisation and yourself!

The Keynote Speakers are:
(Please click on the names below to read their full Bios)
Phil Jones MBE Guest Speaker at Oakridge's 20th Birthday event     Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director of Brother UK – Correlative Leadership

Sandy Lindsay MBE    Sandy Lindsay MBE, Founder and Chair Tangerine PR, Founder of The Juice Academy and Skills Chair of IoD and North West Leadership Team – Embedding Company Culture at Every Stage of Business Growth


Mark Burbridge, Joint MD at Oakridge – Human Performance Expert
Brigit Egan, Joint MD at Oakridge and Inspiring Leader Award Winner- Expert on Future Proofing your Leadership Skills

What you will gain from attending the Conference:

• A day to gain inspiration from Leaders at the top of their game, participate in inspirational sessions and experiential learning
• Powerful tools, techniques and insights that will strengthen your leadership skills
• Understand the Leadership Skills required for the future
• How to have powerful and engaging conversations to ensure success
• Understand the concepts of innovation, agility and change and build your resilience to deal with stressful situations
• Understand the importance of personal impact, gravitas and presence
• Understand the principles of Human Performance and gain practical tools that will enhance your performance
• New Contacts, informal networking, Social fun

Power Sessions:

From each of the Power Sessions you will gain:

• An understanding of the skills and behaviours required for future success
• Practical strategies that you can apply back in the workplace immediately
• Personal insights and awareness
• An opportunity to practice some of the skills and techniques learned
• An interactive, practical, fun and high energy learning experience.

Brigit Egan - Joint Managing Director and Shareholder, Oakridge  Power Session 1: Personal Leadership led by Brigit Egan
• Reflections of self in the context of leadership and the skills required for the future
• Understanding the gap between where/who I am and where/who I want to be
• Assessing personal values and beliefs and challenging them outside one´s comfort zone
• Sharing observations with others

Mark Burbridge, Joint Managing Director and Shareholder, Oakridge  Power Session 2: Human Performance led by Mark Burbridge
• Understand the basic principles of Human Performance
• Describe the difference between errors, lapses, mistakes and slips
• Identify those work factors that can directly affect us and outline how these can be managed
• Develop an understanding of the tools and techniques available to you to use and apply

Choice of Power Session 3 or 4:

Kassam Jaffer - Oakridge Senior Consultant
Power Session 3: Having Powerful and sometimes Difficult Conversations led by Kassam Jaffer

• Using the principles of drama based learning – will explore some of the key behaviours and skills required to engage in powerful and sometimes difficult workplace conversations
• Strategies that can be used to conduct such face to face conversations in an authentic, courageous and congruent way
• Definition and purpose of a Difficult Workplace Conversation
• Difficult Workplace Conversations – what not to do!


Vicky Proctor Senior Consultant at Oakridge  Fraser Penny, Senior Consultant at Oakridge
Power Session 4: Innovation and Leading Change led by Vicky Proctor and Fraser Penny

• Understanding the concepts of innovation and agility
• Understand the 4 steps to successful change and making change happen through courageous conversations
• Managing the balance of personal versus organisational change whilst being true to your values
• Building your personal resilience to cope with stressful situations

View the full Agenda on the day

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Cost: £125 + Vat
Date: 11th October 2017
Venue: Great John Street Hotel, Manchester

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We look forward to welcoming you on the 11th October 2017.

The Oakridge Leadership Forum is being held in Association with the Institute of Directors: Inspiring Business North West

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