Meet the Team

Your Safe Pair(s) of Hands

As a client of The Oakridge Centre you will have access to an enviable wealth of experience and knowledge. This is based on real life experience as well as the very latest theory and good practice. We will take the time to get to know you well, to be alongside you, to share our thoughts and time – that most valuable of resources.

Our international and award winning team have worked all over the world with small companies to blue chip clients, in a wide range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, health, leisure, education, motor, construction and the public sector.

Our Associates are your centres of excellence.

We have gathered an outstanding team of Associates who combine experience with enthusiasm for the future; deep knowledge with humility to learn more; great thinking with practical common sense. We are proud that our work has earned us preferred supplier status with many of our customers.

Learn more about the team based at The Oakridge Centre below:


Central Team

Deborah Larder-Shaw

Account Director

0161 327 2031

Works with clients around their people strategy to drive performance and effectiveness.

Natalie Griffiths

Business Support Manager

0161 327 2031

Also our Head of Wellbeing. Ensures the team are fully supported and connected.

Penny Tate

Business Relationship Manager

0161 327 2031

Ensures that all clients requirements are not only met but consistently exceeded.

Tracey Crampton

Marketing and Creative Consultant

0161 327 2031

Leads on our brand and marketing communications strategy.
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With 'Muddy Boots Pragmatism', our Associate teams take Team Effectiveness programmes to the next level

Senior Associates

Adam Robertson

Senior Associate

Seasoned leadership & organisation development professional.

Andy Fleet

Senior Associate

Brings high levels of positivity, enthusiasm and 20 years+ experience.

Anita Roche

Senior Associate

Able to ask the questions at all levels in an organisation from the shop floor to VPs.

Anna White

Senior Associate

Specialist in culture shaping, employee engagement and leadership development.

Ben Miller


Always changing, difficult to categorise, a devil's advocate. Neurodiversity and cognitive diversity champion.

Claire-Marie Boggiano

Senior Associate

Core skills include “breaking eggs” and “building gladiators”. Loves to form, storm and norm.

David Henderson

Senior Associate

A passion for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences. Always in demand.

Fraser Penny

Senior Associate

Able to quickly get to the 'why' so clients can then develop the 'what', 'how', 'when', and 'who'.

Helen Hughes


Encourages participation and emersion in learning while being experiential with the theoretical aspects

Hugo Metcalfe


Helps encourage resilience and develop capabilities to adapt to future challenges and holds multiple world records.

Jerry Scott

Senior Associate

Provides leaders with the skills needed to lead transformational change. Always ready to ask those difficult questions.

Jity Bajaj


Championing respect and dignity in the workplace, providing a safe space to share experiences.

Judith Fraser

Senior Associate

Curious about behaviours associated with Performance & Change Management. Loves to watch confidence grow.

Joanne Clare

Senior Associate

A supportive coach and facilitator who 'shines light in dark corners'. Always keen to focus on strengths

Karen Nesbitt

Senior Associate

A warm and friendly coach and facilitator specialising in Leadership Development. Third sector champion.

Kate Everett


Trainer and mentor, passionate about people and the power of words for good. Always encourages laughter.

Kevin Charlesworth

Senior Associate

A Yorkshire psychologist, husband, dad, and a self-proclaimed news addict. Business psychologist.

Lisa Ellis

Senior Associate

Mental health, stress awareness, mediation skills, active bystander and banter vs bullying specialist.

Mark Bennett


Delivers with passion and enthusiasm sharing stories and real-life examples to bring content to life.

Mark Crabtree

Senior Associate

A playful provocateur; always willing to give 'it' a go! Co-author of Reshaping HR - the role of HR in organizational change.

Meg Moore

Senior Associate

Helps people move out of their comfort zones to realise their true potential.

Robbie Lightfoot

Senior Associate

Reflective extrovert, loves helping people get the best out of themselves & others.

Tiffany Hill


Flexes her warm, empathetic listening style and her direct challenging approach.