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Is your organisation achieving the ROI in order to build resilience and sustainability for growth?

Is your organisation achieving the ROI expected in order to build resilience and sustainability for growth?

As leaders, managers, teams and individuals navigating through what can appear to be a chaotic world, we need to ensure we have the capacity to remain strong, aware, effective and flexible during times of change, pressure and ambiguity.

The challenges leaders face in this ever changing climate requires resilience, adaptability and agility. But how can we, as leaders, improve resilience across the board and the teams we lead, in order to help them move through the ‘change curve’ to achieve ongoing sustainability for our business?

The natural reaction is to review our own capabilities and that of our leadership team, and to identify what support and training is needed to improve our overall leadership skillset. But much has been said lately of how much organisations are spending on leadership programmes that are based on the ‘chalk-and-talk model’ and cannot account for the true return of investment (ROI) in relation to achieving the bottom line success that is required.

Consider this: Learning doesn’t necessarily lead to better organisational performance because people soon revert to their old ways.

What most organisations do incorrectly is that they train senior executives and managers to be more ‘effective in their existing role’ – but the results don’t necessarily prove to deliver the success the business needs. Businesses need to look at leadership development which is fit-for-purpose and less of a one-size-fits-all model.

Businesses should look at approaching their leadership training strategy by placing it in its wider context and consider applying the following two-step process:
1. Attend to organisational design and managerial processes first and then;
2. Support the leadership teams with individual development tools such as coaching and leadership development programmes.

In the recent HBR article, “Why leadership training fails – and what to do about it,” they talk about the need to attend to the organisational system as a vehicle for change before companies simply send their leaders on training programmes to think and behave differently.

If the system does not change, the leadership development programme is likely to fail. Well-trained and motivated leaders and employees returning to the day-to-day practice, entrenched in the ‘established’ ways of doing things, will find it difficult to achieve the required return on investment that the business needs in order to be sustainable and to grow.

‘Individuals have less power to change the system surrounding them than that system has to shape them’. By applying the learning and performance improvement programmes simultaneously will help to enable businesses to recoup its investment immediately and more effectively.

At Oakridge, in understanding the complexity of business problems and decision making in different functions. We work with organisations by providing a team who are experts in delivering the consultation process and hands-on coaching required, in order to design the leadership learning and development programmes aligned to the organisation’s strategy and corporate values.

By sowing the seeds of this learning process across every area of the business and different levels of leadership within the business, will enable organisations to see real value and a positive return on investment.

For more information on how we deliver Leadership Development programmes which are bespoke to your individual business and management needs, please contact Joanne Sharp. Our ROI model and The Oakridge Leadership Journey is available to download in our Resource Library HERE, and our short video is available here to view below:

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