Our Values

The Oakridge Centre Values

We live our values – we do not simply express them – and are noted as a “value-driven” organisation by all of our clients. This has led to remarkable rates of repeat business – many of our customers have worked with us over five, ten and fifteen years, some from the very foundation of our company, continuously for 25 years.


We are honest, trustworthy, and value-driven – delivering to high standards however hard we are tasked. By positioning integrity as a core value, we ensure it is at the forefront of the mind across our team. We only undertake work for which we feel we have leading-edge capability and competence.


We strive to excel in our work. The high level of care and attention we deliver is outstanding, whether it is a large multi-national project or a small assignment, it is replicated in everything we undertake to deliver. Our experience, understanding, and professionalism, combined with personal attention, instill confidence and enable us to create supportive yet challenging learning environments. On completion, we measure and evaluate our impact, and thereby ensure your satisfaction.

Outcome Focused

Our definition of outcome-focused is demonstrated in our approach to each relationship. We work hard to understand your needs, and by choosing experts in the field to design and deliver your programme, we create improvements that are sustainable.

Social Value

Oakridge is a strong supporter of social value and we are intent on delivering social impact to the benefit of the economy, communities and stakeholders. We work across a number of frameworks throughout the UK and we commit to a number of different objectives specific to the region and nature of our client’s businesses. We live our values, we do not simply express them, and are noted as a “values-driven” organisation by all of our clients.
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