Penny Tate

Penny Tate

Business Relationship Manager

0161 327 2031

An experienced and accomplished Customer Relationship Manager, with extensive knowledge of the renewable energy sector and working in the banking, accountancy, and professional services. Penny has excellent attention to detail with a proven track record of project management through meticulous planning and preparation. She is customer-focused and passionate about treating customers with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Penny works well under pressure and has the tenacity to handle large workloads and managing changing and competing priorities. She has developed robust monitoring systems for accurate and comprehensive record-keeping, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of systems and processes.

Penny has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and has a diplomatic and tactful approach, building solid relationships with The Oakridge Centre’s customers to support their necessary requirements.

Penny has worked with organisations such as Santander UK PLC, Alliance & Leicester, Internal Computer Company (ICL) and Robson Rhodes Chartered Accountants.

What keeps Penny out of mischief?
Cooking and knitting but not at the same time as that would be a recipe for disaster!
How Penny decribes herself
'A loyal and hard working person' and everyone at The Oakridge Centre agrees!

What did Penny want to be when she was little?

"A stewardess until I realised that if I had an unruly passenger I could not chuck them out!"