Performance Coaching

Accelerated Performance Coaching for Individuals

Give your performance at work a boost as you move to a new role or undertake a demanding project. Performance Coaching with The Oakridge Centre provides you with a 'safe space' to review your performance (and the performance of your team), look closely at your strengths and areas that need development and answer tough questions asked in a supportive and honest environment.

Six coaching sessions, including psychometrics, held on a weekly or fortnightly basis, designed to enable you to address issues quickly and with confidence.

Organisational Value

  • Performance coaching provides key people with support to undertake new responsibilities and to manage significant projects with greater confidence
  • High speed intervention to ensure there is no time delay when implementing major new ways of working
  • 1 to 1 coaching is an investment in your most valued people to help them perform to the best of their ability

Personal Value

  • Obtain vital 'me time' to think and talk in confidence
  • Focus on the performance requirement and clarification of what really matters
  • Confidence to take action, refine your approach, and act again; developing your personal leadership style
  • A 'safe space' for review and prioritisation

Performance Coaching to Help with Change Adversity

Some people do not enjoy change. They find it uncomfortable or even scary at times.

As a people manager it is your role to help those who are dealing with change adversity and support them to embrace change happening within your organisation.

Here are some possible 'change derailing beliefs' that you can discuss with your Performance Coach:

+ We aren’t capable of change

+ There is a great deal of comfort with the way we do things now

+ There are obstacles which are insurmountable

+ We expect others to take the initiative

+ There is discomfort over areas where we may have weaknesses

+ There is a failure to focus on objectives

+ Daily tasks take priority over driving change

+ Other people know more than me

+ People do not understand how much value we add