Relationship Building

Networking and Building Impactful Relationships

To build your career in the contemporary world of work you need to sharpen your professional image, network effectively and form relationships where you can have real impact

This high-energy programme guides you through a series of exercises and challenges your current behaviour, to give you confidence to become more assertive, to take decisive action to build and use your network, and to start having real impact at work.

Organisational Value

  • Build a change-ready, flexible and agile organisation with strong and confident managers, addressing both people and process issues
  • Leaders and managers understand the conditions for change and learn how to manage for success
  • Develop strategies for enabling both individuals and organisations to move forward with confidence

Personal Value

  • Develop the confidence to manage change effectively
  • Increased personal change agility and readiness
  • Develop effective leadership skills including influencing others, setting objectives and monitoring performance
  • Understand organisational change readiness

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

African Proverb