Our Services

Every programme and every service provided by The Oakridge Centre is tailor-made for the needs of your organisaion. We recognise that your challenges and opportunities will be unique and threfore ensure that your learning and ddevelopment support is also unique.

Whether you are private or public sector, a charity or not for profit, a small or a super large organisation, you can rely on The Oakridge Centre to design and deliver insightful, impactful and memorable training that can be measured for return on investment.

“We must develop and master the skills and insights to thrive in the unpredictable opportunity filled years to come.”

Brigit Egan, Managing Director, The Oakridge Centre

Below you will find links to leadership, management, team and individual programmes and services. If you do not see the precise programme or service you were looking for then please contact us - remember all of our programmes and services are bespoke to meet your requirements

Our Clients

  • United Utilities
  • GMEC_Supporter
  • NSAN
  • National Skills Academy
  • IOD
  • gmcc
  • Buy Social
  • association career professionals
  • NIHR
  • Newcastle University
  • Manchester Airports
  • JCB
  • Horizon Care
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Bridgewater NHS Trust