Strategic Change Coaching

Coaching Support for Those Involved in Strategic Change

Leading on or being involved in strategic change within an organisation is an ideal time towork with a qualified coach. Your coach will be the person to shine a light into the dark corners; to ask you the questions others might not have thought of and the person to help you decide how to solve the challenges you might be facing.

Change can be daunting for everyone and if you are the person leading the strategic change you may also feel daunted. Investing in The Oakridge Centre's strategic change coaching service provides a 'safe space' to discuss all issues related to your specific strategic change and gives you the opportunity to create your own action plan to take change forward.

Organisational Value

  • Provide support for those individuals involved in a strategic change, helping them explore their role within the change programmes
  • Invest in the people who will make change happen; who will be the catalyst for strategic change within our organisational and who may be directly or indirectly impacted by the change programme
  • Help those involved in strategic change to focus on their existing strengths and access what changes they may need to make in the future

Personal Value

  • Benefit from working with an experienced coach who can help you assess the strategic change within your organisation
  • Assess your personal competencies to decide if any changes will need to be made due to the strategic change you are involved in
  • Identify the stakeholders, internal and external, who will be impacted by the strategic change and decide how you can support their change preparedness

How can recognising the strengths of your company’s existing culture’s assets benefit change?

Companies need to see culture as a competitive advantage – an accelerator of change, not an obstacle.

An organisation’s culture evolves over time – sometimes slipping backwards, sometimes progressing – and as leaders, the best you can do is to work with and within them, rather than fight them.

Trying to force a cultural shift to achieve change doesn’t work without clear communication and engagement from employees. There may be strengths in the existing culture which still serve the company well. By evaluating and discussing the positive strengths of your existing corporate culture with employees, and demonstrating the relevance of its original values – by sharing stories that highlight why people believe in them – will make the process of change feel like a shared evolution.

Engaging with employees who are well-connected, who are sensitive to the company culture, and widely respected, is paramount to the successful implementation of change. Employees need to be heard and appreciated.