STRIDE – for Aspiring Female Leaders

Leadership Development for Women

For the past 8 years The Oakridge Centre has been delivering the STRIDE programme and hundreds of women have benefited from attending this 6 month development programme for aspiring female leaders.

We have a dedicated STRIDE website where you will be able to find out more about this incredible programme and discover how STRIDE could benefit you and your organisation.


"STRIDE had been recommended to me by a number of colleagues, so I joined with extremely high expectations. The programme has exceeded all of these expectations and more! My confidence is the biggest difference but also the change management module was extremely insightful. The way in which the programme was tailored to the groups individual objectives at the start of each day alongside the opportunity to share experiences with some inspirational female managers from outside my organisation was hugely valuable. STRIDE has enabled me to perform my role better."
Emma Kerr, Sales Team Leader at Protec International Ltd

"I can honestly say that I am a much braver and stronger person as a result of attending the programme. Different to anything I have ever done before, STRIDE has given me the belief that I can drive things forward with confidence. I took a huge amount away for 'me' alongside the amazing group dynamic. The engaging and caring facilitation meant what I wanted to cover really mattered and I felt part of the decision to frame the content and focus, which was exceptional."
Joanne Conway, Global Diversity and Inclusiveness Lead, EY

"To hear from other women about their own experiences and challenges was hugely valuable, thought-provoking and life-affirming. I felt that I could open up in this supportive and constructive environment much more than I have ever been able to in the past. This allowed me to reflect and explore in a positive way and was a real confidence boost. The whole experience was very personal and I took a lot more from the programme at both a personal and professional level than I had anticipated. The facilitators were all excellent and whilst the overall pace was good, I then looked back and realised just how much ground we had covered across the 3 days. I have come away equipped with lots of very useful tools and feedback to help me plan for a positive future."
Alison Parkinson, Operations Director, AstraZeneca

"As a result of STRIDE I feel a lot more confident and well-equipped moving forward in my role and organisation. I was introduced to a lot of new ideas and concepts and I now have a resource with which I can refer back to and spend more time working through. I loved the group dynamic and found it very motivating. The programme was brilliant, inspiring and I really enjoyed it."
Laura Murphy, Marketing Assistant, Hempel UK Ltd