Tiffany Hill

Tiffany Hill


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An American native who has been living and working in London since 2002, Tiffany spent more than 20 years at a large, global professional services organisation as a director focused on coaching, facilitating and delivering learning to literally thousands of executives across the globe. Tiffany is an ICF accredited leadership and career coach who balances her extensive experience in the high-pressure corporate environment with her coaching expertise to offer solution focused methods that appeal to ambitious, high potential individuals.

Her work includes coaching executives and leaders through transitions to new roles, positions, and changes in lifestyle, such as maternity leave, retirement and career changes. Tiffany is also very accomplished in helping stuck clients work through their their blockage and gives them the tools and confidence to take the next step. She is particularly skilled at making quick connections and uses her multi-cultural experiences to enrich her work. She flexes her warm, empathetic listening style and her direct challenging approach to help professionals clear obstacles so tomorrow is better.

Tiffany's favourite quote....

"Let me live this day so that if it was my last I would have lived it no differently."

Tiffany is experienced in coaching challenging individuals at the highest levels in large organisations. She worked in a global environment for over 15 years and is highly accomplished in coaching individuals from various cultures both face to face and virtually.

Tiffany is particularly good at making a quick connection with people and her warm, empathetic style puts them at ease to open up and share how they are feeling. While she is a skilled listener, she is often told she has a nice, direct, assertive approach that tends to "cut through the crap," challenging her clients by holding a mirror up to them using their own words. Tiffany tends to use a solution focused approach and has a talent for getting clients to focus on 1-2 actions which make a huge difference in their lives.

Tiffany has a special interest in coaching women across the various stages of their lives and has made it a lifelong ambition to help give them the tools and confidence to thrive.