VUCA Leadership

Leadership Skills for an Uncertain World

As leaders in this chaotic world, we need to increase our adaptability and our agility to ensure that the capabilities that we have are fit for purpose to enable us to continue not only to survive but also to thrive in the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

The Oakridge Centre VUCA Leadership programmes are aimed at leaders who want to build a comprehensive toolkit for surviving and thriving in the VUCA environment and who need to be able to engage and motivate their people in this turbulent and uncertain world

Organisational Value

  • Leaders and managers will take away practical and applicable tools and techniques to implement and thrive in an ever changing work environment
  • Attendees will identify their individual strengths and development areas relating to VUCA
  • Attendees will develop tools and techniques for success in the VUCA environment including:
  • * Visioning
  • * Context Mapping
  • * Problem Solving
  • * Thinking fast and slow
  • Attendees will develop an action plan which they can implement back in the workplace

Personal Value

  • Introduction to VUCA and Johansen’s Ten New Leadership Skills for an uncertain world
  • Understanding of VUCA and how to respond positively to it
  • Identify your individual strengths and development areas relating to VUCA
  • Knowledge of the leadership skills that will help with future personal success
  • Build a toolkit for success in the VUCA world by:
  • Considering how to take advantage of individual strengths and what to develop
  • Learning and practising a number of tools and techniques for counteracting VUCA
  • Building an approach to engaging and motivating their teams in the VUCA environment

How VUCA Affects Business

VUCA poses major challenges for businesses and Brigit Egan, our Managing Director defines them as:

Technological disruptions – new advances in technology, from blockchain to artificial intelligence, are reshaping markets and customer preferences every day. Keeping up with such trends is necessary for long-term survival, but it’s tough to predict what’s actually worth investing in.

Destabilised markets – our world is becoming increasingly volatile impacting the behaviour of global and local markets. For example, terrorist attacks, unstable governments and global financial crises have already disrupted our economy and global relationships substantially.

Hyper-competition – Our world is ripe for budding entrepreneurs (approx 100 million new businesses open each year around the world) and fierce competitors are emerging faster than ever before. The business landscape has become a battlefield where only the strongest survive.

Fickle consumers – with unprecedented choice, consumer loyalty is far from guaranteed. They want better value and more personalised purchase experiences, making customers harder to win, connect with and keep.

Traditional approaches to leadership and businesses aren’t enough anymore. We must adapt and evolve to survive.

“The VUCA world will get worse in the future.”

Brigit Egan