Effective Time Management

Paying Attention to What Matters

Bombarded on all sides by more and more demands on energy and time, it is far too easy to become overwhelmed. Yet, often we are not really working on what matters to our organisation and to ourselves.

The Oakridge Centre's tailor-made Effective Time Management programmes will enable you to re-assess what matters in your busy work schedule. Learning to prioritise and to understand where you can be of most value, as well as developing your own personal resilience will be of enormous value to you.

Sharing your task list with your fellow attendees and an expert facilitator can unlock the bottleneck areas that are preventing you from moving forward. Focussing on priorities within a safe space will help you define your objectives and declutter your extensive task list.

Organisational Value

  • More efficient and sustainable use of time by talented managers and professional teams
  • Stronger prioritisation around the key strategic and organisational goals you have set
  • Attendees will develop techniques for managing overstress and remain at their best
  • Attendees will develop a greater ability to communicate with others and have the confidence to find their own voice
  • Development of personal resilience and how to work in a VUCA world.

Personal Value

  • Greater effectiveness at work whilst reducing overwhelming demands
  • Greater control regarding how and where you spend your time
  • Clearer priorities on the important as well as the urgent demands of your work
  • Confidence to find your voice
  • Personal resilience and confidence to take control
  • Learn how to put yourself in others shoes