Human Performance and Error Management

Attitudes and Behaviours

The Oakridge Centre's tailor-made Human Performance and Error Management programmes look at the attitudes and behaviours that drive our response and sense of ownership around errors, quality and safety.

Rather than highlighting the responsibilities on employees the emphasis is around thinking before acting and providing simple tools to enable this to happen.

Often associated with the world of heavy industry our Human Performance and Error Management programmes, due to their design, are ideally suited to all organisations no matter the sector or size.

Organisational Value

  • Encourage an honest and open approach around error management
  • Reduction of events and improvement of quality in the workplace
  • Attendees will learn about human factors and their influence on errors
  • The programme addresses drifts in standards and the accumulation of those hidden weaknesses in the system
  • Attendees will review the impact of events on themselves and other stakeholders

Personal Value

  • Develop confidence to highlight and tackle error situations
  • Review incidents to identify active errors and hidden, latent errors
  • Identify error traps (e.g. lack of assertiveness, complacency) that may contribute to incidents and events
  • Apply simple tools that can be used in discussion back in the workplace to prevent incidents and improve
  • Highlight approaches for preventing errors and making improvements