New Managers Foundation Skills

Training for Confident and Competent New Managers

Managers are the most critical resource in any organisation yet are often ill-prepared to the challenge they face.

Sometimes individuals are promoted to management roles because they are exceptionally good at their job. This is great but if they have no experience in the management of people and processes it can become a tricky situation for both employee and employer.

The Oakridge Centre tailor-made New Manager Foundation Skills programmes provide a very practical and solid set of foundation skills for the new manager, building both confidence and competence.

Organisational Value

  • Accelerated capability of new managers to provide confident and efficient leadership to others
  • Opportunity to embed organisation-specific values and behaviours in line with your strategy, and to implement through engaged managers
  • Attendees gain confidence to transition to a management role
  • Provide attendees with the clarity on core expectations of the 'good manager'.
  • Attendees with receive practical guidance and rehearsal of key management activities around objective setting, giving feedback, inspiring others
  • Investment in the career development of new managers improves employee engagement and reduces staff turnover

Personal Value

  • Gain the confidence to transition into a management role and understand the new expectations of this role
  • Develop professional management skills
  • Share your experience to date and feel supported in your new roleimperdiet mi eu leo venenatis ultricies. Sed nec magna felis.
  • Learn to use a number of key management tools to increase managerial effectiveness
  • Design a personal survival kit to build sustainable resilience
  • Develop skills within the following areas: what motivates people ; time management; Giving and receiving feedback; setting and monitoring objectives; creating a positive culture; developing your management style; delegation; looking after yourself and developing others

5 Things Good Managers DO NOT do

Here is a list of 5 things that 'good managers', those who have been provided with management training and have developed their powe skills (soft skills), would never do.

1 - Deals with the symptoms instead of the root cause of a challenge.

Good managers recognise the need to quickly get to the cause of challenges then focus their energy on finding solurions.

2 - Blames others when things go wrong.

Good managers take responsibiility for their department/team, they are honest and accept that the proverbial 'buck' stops with them.

3 - Deals with people inn unfair or inconsistent manner.

Good managers do not have favourites are not rude and do not critcise harshly or publically. Good managers are tactful, measured, caring and approachable.

4 - Has a 'silo' mentality i.e. operates with the mindset that their department is the most important.

Good managers recognise that their department or team has a role to play and in order for the organisation to succeed working effectively with everyone else in the business is essential.

5 - Manages people in a command and control style.

Good managers ask their team for input, actively listen to their ideas of others and encourage ideas from everyone.

There are many other 'things' that good managers would not do, many of which are covered within The Oakridge Centre Foundations Skill for New Managers programme.