Strategic Decision Making

Agile Thinking and Consulting

Agile organisations take decisions at all levels quickly and efficiently. That is no excuse for poor thinking or consultation.

The Oakridge Centre's tailor-made Strategic Decision Making programmes introduces a McKinsey seven-step model together with a range of decision-making tools to enable you to take timely and effective decisions.

These programmes, tailor-made for your organisation, will evaluate your strategy to discover where the value lies and which areas require agile decision making.

Organisational Value

  • Defined methodology for taking strategic and operational decisions at all levels within your organisation
  • Ability to act quickly but rationally, and in a consultative and action-focused way
  • Identify key decisions that need to be taken
  • Identify strategic priorities and where value lies in the decisionmaking
  • Build a clear change implementation plan, addressing both people and process issues

Personal Value

  • Develop key strategic decision-making capability
  • Practice using a range of decisionmaking tools to analyse, generate and evaluate options
  • Defined change implementation plan specific to your organisation’s needs
  • Learn how to manage both people and processes effectively through change
  • Develop the confidence and capability to act decisively and quickly
  • Identify personal decision making blockers