Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching Support for Senior Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

Executive level coaching supports those in leadership positions to provide a 'safe space' to review their working style, their quality of performance and engagement skills, to create a focused plan for the future.

Being a leader can sometimes be a lonely place. You need to be inspirational, lead by example, make decisions which can potentially impact many stakeholders and you need to remain consistent. Becoming a leader brings with it the added need to remember you are not a manager but a leader.

Executive Coaching support for leaders and potential leaders provides you with a 'safe space' to focus on your priorities, to discuss your challenges, to ask for suggestions to improve your leaderships skills and develop a trusted relationhip with your coach. Leaders and potential leaders benefit greatly from coaching support from The Oakridge Centre - giving them a chance to express their vulnerabilities and also share their successes.

Organisational Value

  • Support individuals who have been identified as high potential to thrive; help them to explore options and make decisions
  • Invest in those people who 'make' your organisation, demonstrating your commitment to their personal and professional development
  • Provide high potential individuals with a 'safe space' to identify their abilities and aspirations so that they can make informed decisions regarding their career development

Personal Value

  • Benefit from an experienced coach who can help you assess your current situation and the potential opportunities available
  • Explore & expand some of your own perceptions about your career development
  • Consider your personal strengths and decide how to better utilise these within your organisation plus look at areas of your role that might be proving troublesome

The Oakridge Centre Development Journey

The image below outlines the various stages of a leader's development journey and the various programmes and services The Oakridge Centre can provide to support that journey. We believe in 'achieving more together' and recognise that consistent professional and personal development are essential to those who wish to be best version of themselves they can be.

Continuous learning is no longer a 'nice to have' or something to do when you 'have time'. Learning is an essential skill, one which is highly valued by most employers, and something you should be able to demonstrate clearly as being important to you.