As leaders, where should we be focussing our energy to regain balance?

By Mark Burbridge, Oakridge Director

We all experience the daily pressure of being connected to the workplace, and for an increasing number of us these pressures spill over into our personal time as well. But how does this affect the impact we are having as leaders? Increasingly we see leaders taking on more workload in an effort to drive performance and even to take the strain off their own streamlined teams. This creates more and more demands on our energy and time.

So where should we be focussing our energy as leaders in order to regain balance?

Step back from the fire: Just like a rock climber needs to lean away from the rock face in order to see the best holds and route ahead, we need to step away from the workplace or laptop during the day to check what we are doing. Remember that work is an activity and not just a place.

Apply the Growth Mindset: All problems can be solved, and we have the ability to tackle them with support from our teams. Taking a positive and restorative approach to issues immediately increases our creativity and flexibility.

Let it go…: A problem shared is undoubtedly a problem halved. Often our teams are very keen to be involved in helping to solve problems and take up the load that affects us as leaders, giving them that sense of ownership and participation. Take the bold step to let go of those most precious projects.

Be honest to yourself: What is it that you want and need to happen with your projects and initiatives? Be clear around those non-negotiables but allow others to share their non-negotiables too!

Know your load limits: We all have different tipping points beyond which we seem to have less control of events around us. For most of us having a simple focus on only three or so ‘must wins’ in a week can really focus our concentration and efforts.

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2 Responses to When Leadership becomes Loadership … how to balance the demands in a modern environment

  1. Great article Mark. Key points to take away are to always remain calm and see the bigger picture when in a leadership role. It certainly can help with a lot of decisions and situations when you simply take a step back and remember what path you are meant to be going down.